For Wholesale Buyers

Purchasing and sourcing activity among the fifty-three participants in this study implies that at least 70 percent of the potential market for Maine-grown food and ingredients is unmet. Among study participants alone this conservatively equates to $5,000,000 of annual opportunity or an average of approximately $94,000 per week.

Our analysis also determined that at least 30 percent of buyers across all market segments are unaware of their currently available options for accessing Maine-grown food and ingredients: they do not know where or how to initiate a direct buy relationship with farmers. They are unaware of how to work with their current distributors to purchase Maine-grown items from an order list. Buyers do not know how to initiate and manage a direct-buying relationship with farmers, farmer-aggregators, and food hubs but wish to do so.

Please see Recommendations for findings on next steps for wholesale buyers.

If you are a wholesale buyer interested in purchasing Maine-sourced food and ingredients please refer to the project report for product and location information for farmers, farmer aggregators, and food hubs that are currently selling wholesale.